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We are here to help you source the perfect lab-grown diamond at the perfect price.

Our Speciality.


Using the latest cutting diamond facilities, our melee lab-grown diamonds range from 0.90-3.50 mm. Our melee diamonds clarity ranges from VVS - SI. To find out more about our melee wholesale pricing, get in touch with our team. 


We stock a wide range of certified, Type IIA  lab-grown diamonds between 0.30 Cts - 5 Cts +. Our colors range from E-J and clarity from IF - VVS2. Take a look at our current inventory list to see what we currently have in stock.

Fancy Shapes

We specialize in Type IIA. lab-grown fancy shape diamonds; ovals, princess, marquise, emerald, pear and cushion. We have a wide range of fancy shape lab-grown diamonds in different sizes, color and clarity in stock. All of our fancy shape lab-grown diamonds are IGI/ HRD certified. To find out more, access our inventory list.
A wide range, of beautiful Type IIA,
certified lab-grown diamonds that meet

Exceptional Standards.

We work closely with a number of growers around the world to supply our customers a wide range of beautiful lab-grown diamonds in different colors, sizes and shapes. Access our inventory list to see what we currently have in stock.


For customers that require a specific need. We cut and manufacture lab-grown diamonds in our in-house, top-of-the-line manufacturing facility to suit our customers needs.  If you can't find what you currently need in our inventory list, place a custom order.


We are here to help you deliver excellence.

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