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Discover Diavo,  a company that gives you the tools to create, design, select and manage lab-grown diamonds & lab-grown diamond jewelry exactly the way you want.

The secret’s out.

Get the freedom to create lab-grown diamond jewelry the way you want.

Design and build your own high-quality lab-grown diamond jewelry. Whether you’re interested in buying loose lab-grown diamonds, ready-to-wear bridal & fashion lab-grown diamond jewelry or designing and building your own jewelry - you can do it all with Diavo. We have wholesale diamonds and jewelry.

Put yourself in your customers shoes.

Given the choice, what would you choose.

The two stones are completely identical.
The only difference is lab-grown diamonds give consumers the option to invest the same amount of money for a socially responsible, larger sized diamonds.


1.70 carat H VS1

$ 4, 600


1.00 carat H VS1

$ 4, 600

Diavo is your

Lab-Grown Diamond Hub

All our lab-grown diamonds and jewelry are certified and range between 0.30 carat to 5.00+ carat. We offer wholesale diamonds.
Select loose man-made diamonds from our wide range of round TYPE IIA certified lab-grown diamonds at wholesale prices, D-K and VVS-SI. Depending on your need, we can customize our production of lab-grown diamonds to suit you.
Choose from our wide selection of finished fashion and bridal lab-grown diamond jewelry. Or, outsource your jewelry manufacturing process to Diavo. We are lab-grown diamond manufacturers. We can turn any design into a beautiful lab-grown diamond jewelry piece.
We specialize in manufacturing and supplying princess, emerald, pear, cushion, and oval certified TYPE IIA lab-grown diamonds at wholesale prices, D-K and VVS-SI. We can customize the production of the fancy stone diamonds, to suit your needs.


"If given a choice between a 1.9-carat lab-grown diamond and 1.4-carat mined diamond for the same price. 63% of consumers will choose a lab-grown diamond."
-IDGA Report (2018)

The lab-grown jewelry market is said to reach 14 billion dollars in 2035. 

Schedule a call with us to learn how we can help you capitalize on this.
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